PACET 2017

4th Panhellenic Conference on Electronics and Telecommunications

Xanthi, 17-18 November 2017

Keynote Speakers

Short Bio
John N. Sahalos
Professor in Department of ECE, University of Nicosia, Cyprus & Radio-Communications
Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
John N. Sahalos received B.Sc. degree in Physics, M.Sc. degree in Electronic Physics, BCE & MCE degrees in Civil Engineering and PhD in Electronic Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, AUTH, Greece. Prof. Sahalos is with Radio-Communications Laboratory at the AUTH, Greece and also, with the Department of Engineering at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, as an Emeritus/Honorary Professor. He was a visiting faculty member at the Ohio State University, the University of Colorado and the Technical University of Madrid. He was also in the board of directors of the National Research & Technology Committee of Greece and in the Board of Directors of OTE S.A., the largest Telecommunications Company in Southeastern Europe. Except of his academic duties, he is involved in R&D of a High Tech Industry.

Prof. Sahalos is an IEEE Life Fellow, an Honorary Fellow of the Electronic Physics Society, a Fellow of the Physical Society and a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. He is the author of four books and of more than 450 articles published in the scientific literature. His research interests include Antennas, Radio-communications, EMC/EMI, RFIDs, Microwaves, and Biomedical Engineering. With his colleagues he designed innovative products like the EIT, the MLS, the ORAMA simulator and the SMS-K monitoring system.

Battery-less RFID Tags:Efforts in Wireless Power Transmission
A question that appears nowadays is why there is a lot of interest in antennas and wireless devices. The answer comes from the needs of miniaturization, multi-functionality, compactness, conformability, compatibility, availability and unlimited informatics. In this talk the wireless technology for the daily life convenience by using battery-less tags in UHF/RFIDs will be discussed. The critical EMC/EMI parameters of Wireless Power Transmission, (WPT), from Readers to Tags and the RFID research and development for a multi-billion dollar-valued industry worldwide will be explained. Our recent design and implementation of RFID systems in Healthcare and Libraries will be presented. Also, certain applications and experiments will be shown. Finally, ideas on future research will be discussed.